The Perfectly Imperfect Sale

Saturday 1st December to Wednesday 19th December 2018

In the run up to Christmas, Forivor is hosting the third edition of its ‘Perfectly Imperfect Sale’ where you can pick up some of our beautiful (and ever so slightly imperfect) bedding and nightwear for a fraction of the normal retail value.

Despite our best efforts following lots of problems with our 2017 production run, we have again received a high volume of stock that doesn’t meet our high quality control standards. This has left us without perfect stock in the run up to Christmas and caused us to have delays in fulfilling orders to our stockists which can have a huge impact on a small business like ours.

Yet again, this is potentially a huge waste of all the raw materials, water and energy that go into producing our bedding and a situation that we are very unhappy with as directors of a sustainable business. The bedding and nightwear are still beautiful, well made pieces that can be treasured and provide years and years of magical bedtimes but yet could potentially sit unused in a stock room for years.

Wasted stock is a big issue for brands large and small, so since last year’s problems we have decided to be honest about the problems we experience in a bid to shine a light on an area that, for some big high street brands means a billion dollar problem (and incinerators to deal with unwanted stock) while for smaller brands reject stock can mean the untimely death of a fledgling brand. We hope that our Perfectly Imperfect sales can turn what could be a demotivating and difficult situation for our small brand into a positive for ourselves and our customers.