The Perfectly Imperfect Sale

On the occasion of Fashion Revolution, Forivor will be hosting another in its series of ‘Perfectly Imperfect Sales’ where
you will be able to pick up some of our beautiful (and ever so slightly imperfect) bedding and nightwear for a
fraction of the normal retail value.

Why are we doing this? In 2017, Forivor experienced some teething problems with the production of our new
expanded bedding and nightwear collection. The result, much to our dismay, looked like wasted
stock which we weren’t able to sell through our normal channels due to our high standards of quality control.
This was potentially a huge waste of all the raw materials, water and energy that had gone into the production
and a situation that we were very unhappy with as directors of a sustainable business. The bedding and
nightwear were still beautiful, well made pieces that could be treasured and provide years and years of magical
bedtimes but yet could potentially sit unused in a stock room for years.

Realising that wasted stock was a big issue for brands large and small, we decided to be honest about the
problems we experienced in a bid to shine a light on an area that, for some big high street brands means a
billion dollar problem (and incinerators to deal with unwanted stock) while for smaller brands reject stock can
mean the untimely death of a fledgling brand. The decision to be honest about the production issues we faced,
resulted in Forivor launching our first The Perfectly Imperfect Sale in 2018 and an intention to create less waste and more
people having magical bedtimes.

Since our first sale in April 2018, we have had an incredible response from our customers who have been supportive of our efforts to reduce waste and delighted to be able to buy our products at a discounted price. While we hope never to have such major production issues as we had in 2017, misprints and stitching problems go hand in hand with textile production so we will continue to host pop up sales on our website whenever we have slightly less than perfect stock to sell.

“We don’t tend to think of fabric waste in the same way as plastic, water or food waste, but the
raw materials, water, energy, printing inks, packaging and shipping that go into each product are
pointlessly wasted if the product sits in a stock room or is sent to landfill. At a time when we need to be drastically reducing our carbon footprint we must take critical action to address waste in all industries if we are to tackle climate change. We need to close the loop on
the cycle of throwing stuff away and thinking that out of sight is out of mind. We hope that by making
our slightly imperfect products available we can make a small contribution to the much needed
conversation on tackling textile wastage.”
Rebecca Attwood, Director, Forivor

“‘We wish that all of our products arrived from the factory in perfect condition to sell but unfortunately
in 2017 we received too many products that didn’t quite meet our high standards. As a sustainable
business we couldn’t just see good products sitting around not being used so we decided to be open
about the issues we’d faced, and how as a small business it created lots of challenges that could have
threatened our existence. We were shocked how much waste was created even in a relatively small
supply chain like ours and it has opened our eyes to the enormity of the global problem of textile waste
in unsold stock.”
Alice Ross, Director, Forivor