Advent Story: Day 20

Grey (the smallest of the grey creatures) knows the unknown lands like the back of his hand and he is happily guiding Federico the Pegasus as his wings carry them all high above the familiar landscape. They are off to find the Little Valley in search of presents for his new Forivorland friends and for all the children Coco the Rabbit has on her long list which she is now checking one last time. 

The dull land of bubbling swamps and bare trees, slowly changes to tree covered mountains with still lakes, where the reflection of the moon and Federico’s sparkly white wings can be clearly seen. It all begins to look like a giant quilted blanket of greens and blues below them and the animals begin to enjoy the views and the adventure they are on.Grey whose ears are huge and extremely sensitive hears a distant cry for Federico and Coco. “Quick” says Grey, “Your friends are getting worried”

Advent Story: Day 19

Federico has been silently listening and watching the Grey Creatures turn from grey to rainbow colours and back again snorts hot air from his nostrils, lifts his head and says “Well its stopped raining at last, I suppose I can take one Grey Creature alongside Coco on my back but that’s it”

The Grey Creatures jostle each other and eventually push the smallest Creature to the front. Federico lowers his head and neck for the nervous creature to climb up onto his back. Their large feet take up most of the room and poor Coco has to cling on to Federico’s mane to stay on board. 

Coco gently enquires the name of her new companion as Federico beats his huge wings and they are off again, soaring above the grey fields and yellow trees. The creature replies “my name is Grey oh and quick turn right at that grey tree”

Advent Story: Day 18

The grey creatures have been telling Federico and Coco about a little valley they know where lots of delicious food and interesting things can be found. They try and tell their new Forivorland friends how to get there...”go straight on at the grey tree, second right by the grey tree, keep going past the grey fields, past one yellow tree, right at the next grey tree”

Federico and Coco look blankly at the grey creatures - there’s no hope they will ever find the little valley and there is no time to go to their usual destination for presents and food. They beg the grey creatures to show them the way. 

The grey creatures mumble that it is too far to walk, especially after all that dancing. Their large feet are sore and all they want to do is have a sleep. If we only we could grow wings and fly they mutter under their breath.

Advent Story: Day 17

Back in Forivorland, the enchanted forest is alive with the warm light of the glowworms and the whispers of it’s worried inhabitants. Badger Cassius simply isn’t enjoying frolicking in the bluebells as usual and even his brother Rocco has to admit that practicing his drum playing for the Christmas sing-a-long is doing little to distract him.

The Hammock Hangers mice have been listening intently for news using their super-sonic hearing. The last they heard was that terrible rain had fallen between here and Celestelands where their friends were headed in search of presents. 

Hoping the winds would carry their high pitched mice voices far and wide, they start calling out the names of their friends ‘Federicoooo, Cocoooo, 

Remiiiii, Swiiiiifts....where aaaaare youuuuuu?’ 

Advent Story: Day 16

The grey creatures collapse in a happy heap tired from all the dancing and ask the creatures what on earth they are doing in this part of the world and where they’ve come from. 

Remi excitably explains their predicament…”you see Federico and Coco were meant to be getting presents and food for Christmas but our friend Shae Star Bird was left off the list and so were mince pies! I chased after them to make sure Christmas wasn’t ruined but Federico refused to fly any further in the rainstorm and landed here. We were all terrified you were going to eat us and now we’re running out of time”

The grey creatures chuckled amongst themselves and said they were very happy it had rained as they hadn’t seen any visitors for years. Everyone just flew straight on over the grey forlorn landscape of the Unknown Lands as it looked too scary. 

Advent Story: Day 15

Remi seizes his chance and flies from the hands of the grey creatures who had been holding him captive because his terrible singing was hurting their large sensitive ears. His worried expression changes to one of wonder as he watches them smiling and dancing on the damp earth. “Maybe they aren’t so scary after all” he mumbled to himself.

With Remi free the Forivorland creatures join in the dancing, even Federico manages a few trots as cold air bellows from his large nostrils. The swifts dart above in the air and below in the darkness, a little multicoloured cluster of bodies lights up the barren landscape.

In all the caffuffle no-one has noticed it has stopped raining. 

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Advent Story: Day 14

Remi was high up in the hands of the grey creatures, his bright rainbow feathers lighting up the dull grey faces of his captors, he wondered if they were going to eat him or keep him prisoner.   

His Forivorland friends watched on as the grey creatures passed Remi around. Noticing how entranced they were by his bright feathers Coco had an idea. Digging deep into her pockets she found small pink Forivorland flowers. Nervously she approached the creatures and looking up as they towered above her offered them all a flower. 

As they chewed, one by one their grey bodies started to sparkle with colour. As they sparkled they began to dance.

Advent Story: Day 13

Remi who had been hiding behind Federico afraid of the herd of grey creatures and realising they were safe lept up onto his saddle and started twirling around. With each pirouette the grey creatures with large feet and ears gasped at the beauty of his colourful feathers. They were entranced.

Getting carried away, Remi started singing one of the Christmas Carols he had been practising. The grey creatures recoiled, their extra large ears, which were so sensitive to even the smallest sounds, were hurting with Remi’s terrible out of tune voice. Out of nowhere one of them grabbed Remi and held him high in the air. 

Shocked Remi stopped singing immediately. As the grey creatures all drew closer to get a better look at this rainbow coloured bird, he wondered how was he going to escape. 

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