The Travelling Circus

Two cities, 4 travellers, too much luggage, lost packages and a broken down car. Yes it's trade show time and it hasn't been without it's challenges. We started our road trip at Pitti Bimbo in Florence last week and arrived with all of our Forivor bedding in our luggage and some missing stock. All was well once we'd set up our stand and wow what a spectacle....hundreds of traders selling everything from hair clips, baby room fragrances to children's high-end fashion. It's both overwhelming and amazing to discover all the brands out there and get to meet retailers and press. In the evenings we wondered the balmy streets, admiring the architecture and seeking spaghetti and wine.

Back to London, catch our breaths and then it's on to packing the car ready for Paris...which breaks down 10 minutes after leaving Rebecca's house. Her brother Joel came to the rescue and by 12am we find ourselves in his BMW racing towards Dover to catch the 4am ferry. 1.5 hours sleep later and it's on to Playtime Paris to set up our stand.

The moral of the story is that trade shows are always going to involve hauling stuff about, a lack of sleep, paying to much for coffee and something not going according to plan. However this is always going to be balanced with being so happy that we get to introduce Forivor's bedding and Nightwear to new faces and potential stockists and be in beautiful cities. Every story has a happy ending.