Bonjour et Au revoir Playtime Paris

1st February 2017

We are back from our first Playtime Paris and feeling exhausted but really happy with the lovely and positive reactions we got from visitors to our stall. We managed to drive with 4 of us in the car, a bed for the display, all of our Forivor products, luggage and a good flask. 

We took the flask with us so we could fill it up with tea to keep us going. I learnt the following.... Rebecca can drive really well, for a really long time without a break (and with limited sleep), while navigating her way round Paris and making sure Remie was okay in the back of the car...there are some amazing children's brands out there with wonderful, creative and supportive people behind them and having some good snacks on hand is really important if you want to be able to string a sentence together that makes sense by day 2.

It really doesn't get boring hearing people saying lovely things about your brand and having the opportunity to meet retailers, buyers and press from around the world was incredible. I fell in love with Paris all over again and we can't wait to come back again.