Advent Story: Day 7

High up in the Forivorland treetops, the Hammock Hangers have been using their super-sonic hearing to listen for news from outside of Forivorland. 

They suddenly realise they have forgotten to include Shae Star Bird’s present as well as mince pies on the list of items Federico and Coco have gone to collect from beyond the Unknown Lands. Mince pies are the Forivorland creatures favourite treat. They will never be forgiven for such an error!

From the dark of the inky sky, Remi the Paradise Bird emerges with his luminous, entrancing feathers. Preening and gleaning with a puffed up chest, he announces that he will make the perilous journey to make sure there are enough mince pies and presents for everyone. Remi sets out immediately but he will have to fly fast if he is to get there on time.