The Advent Story: Day 3

Down in the deepest burrows of Forivorland, King Mole is using his special smelling power to find his treasures. He carefully chooses an old book and a pair of red boots to wrap up as presents for his friends while listening to the busy sound of Christmas preparations up above. King Mole loves his friends but is much happier in peace and quiet where no-one can bother him to see his much-loved treasures.

He remembers that Coco the Rabbit and Federico the Pegasus are about to depart on their long journey so he packs everything away. Finding his way expertly through all the Forivorland tunnels, he thinks about the five long years he spent digging the underground kingdom where he and all his friends live. 

He makes it up to the communal burrow just in time to say goodbye to Coco, who is being given a last minute list of gifts to collect. King Mole bids her farewell and tells her to take care on the perilous journey ahead.