Advent Story: Day 24

The Sign Swifts are drawing the shape of a giant present with a bow on top as they descend towards the old Forivorland tree each carrying an individually wrapped present in their beaks. Remi the Paradise bird bursts out of the top of the shape and trails a display like fireworks behind him. He is happy to be home.

Carrying Coco and Grey on his back, Federico appears out of the inky black sky behind the birds. Their Forivorland friends cheer the arrival of their friends who are bringing presents and food for the Christmas festivities tomorrow. Grey looks on in wonder at the magical, colourful world he has been brought to as a glowworm lamp is placed in his hand. “This is yours, Enjoy” says Arlo the Owl.

The badgers, rabbits and foxes quickly begin unpacking all the food for the feasting and as all the animals descend into the underground burrows they know this is going to be a very special christmas.