Advent Story: Day 22

The animals are all hurrying around collecting Christmas presents into big bags while Coco crosses them off her long list. As well as the presents they have found Christmas cake, hunks of bread and cheese. There are even some unfrosted marshmallows that have been left by a recently put out fire. They have everything on Coco’s list except mince pies.

Federico who was taking a nap after all the drama of the day wakes to see the bags fit to bursting and looking very heavy. Grumpily he stamps his foot and says they have to leave at once - with heavy bags like that it will take twice as long to get back. Coco looks at him and pleads “But mince pies are the badgers favourite - just 5 more minutes”

With the bags loaded on his back Federico is impatiently flapping his wings when Remi excitedly starts dancing around a small basket hanging in a Holly tree. They have mince pies!