Advent Story: Day 21

Federico, Coco and Grey swoop into the Little Valley with the Sign Swifts and Remi Paradise bird flying in happy shapes around them as they descend.

The Sign Swifts excitedly point out lots of the presents they need below, ’Look, there’s an old clock, King Mole will love that….and look, there’s some lovely material, we can make the a new hammock for the mice with that’. 

They all land in the valley and gasp in wonder as they look around. They usually travel all the way to Celesteland in search of presents and food, but this quiet and peaceful valley is just as special. Everywhere they look there are treasures to be found - they might not be new but with a little bit of polishing they’ll be perfect.

Coco gives each animal a list of gifts and food to find and they get to work.