Advent Story: Day 20

Grey (the smallest of the grey creatures) knows the unknown lands like the back of his hand and he is happily guiding Federico the Pegasus as his wings carry them all high above the familiar landscape. They are off to find the Little Valley in search of presents for his new Forivorland friends and for all the children Coco the Rabbit has on her long list which she is now checking one last time. 

The dull land of bubbling swamps and bare trees, slowly changes to tree covered mountains with still lakes, where the reflection of the moon and Federico’s sparkly white wings can be clearly seen. It all begins to look like a giant quilted blanket of greens and blues below them and the animals begin to enjoy the views and the adventure they are on.Grey whose ears are huge and extremely sensitive hears a distant cry for Federico and Coco. “Quick” says Grey, “Your friends are getting worried”