Advent Story: Day 17

Back in Forivorland, the enchanted forest is alive with the warm light of the glowworms and the whispers of it’s worried inhabitants. Badger Cassius simply isn’t enjoying frolicking in the bluebells as usual and even his brother Rocco has to admit that practicing his drum playing for the Christmas sing-a-long is doing little to distract him.

The Hammock Hangers mice have been listening intently for news using their super-sonic hearing. The last they heard was that terrible rain had fallen between here and Celestelands where their friends were headed in search of presents. 

Hoping the winds would carry their high pitched mice voices far and wide, they start calling out the names of their friends ‘Federicoooo, Cocoooo, 

Remiiiii, Swiiiiifts....where aaaaare youuuuuu?’