Advent Story: Day 12

Remi and the swifts had landed and were chattering hysterically in the tree with no leaves while Federico and Coco tried to understand why on earth they had followed them. They were perfectly safe (if a little bit scared) and they hated making such a scene. 

A deep bellow made all of the Forivorland creatures stop talking, looking around they spotted grey creatures marching over the hill across the yellow fields towards them. Every part of their body was grey and the birds chattered and squealed and tried to get Federico and Coco to fly away with them. Federico folded his wings, stamped his feet and said “absolutely not in this rain”.

The ground shook as the grey creatures grew closer. The Forivorland animals were sure they would be trampled by their extra large feet, but suddenly they stopped  and the leader, raising a grey flag, said how beautiful they all looked with all of their bright colours.