Advent Story: Day 11

The Sign Swifts were flying in a coordinated SOS getting more and more nervous as a herd of strange looking grey creatures marched ominously towards their friends in the Unknown Lands below.

Meanwhile, spotting the swifts call for help, Remi the Paradise Bird remembered the flowers he had stowed in his pocket to keep his magic feathers powerful and give him extra strength. Chewing on the bitter pink blossom he sped off towards the swifts.

Hurtling straight through the middle of the O in SOS, Remi trailed fuschia pink and shiny blue streaming lights from his feathers. The swifts, amazed that someone had arrived so soon, spiralled around him as they descended like a tornado of sound and colour.

Hearing the commotion, Coco and Federico looked up in disbelief, what on earth were THEY doing here!