The Travelling Circus

Two cities, 4 travellers, too much luggage, lost packages and a broken down car. Yes it's trade show time and it hasn't been without it's challenges. We started our road trip at Pitti Bimbo in Florence last week and arrived with all of our Forivor bedding in our luggage and some missing stock. All was well once we'd set up our stand and wow what a spectacle....hundreds of traders selling everything from hair clips, baby room fragrances to children's high-end fashion. It's both overwhelming and amazing to discover all the brands out there and get to meet retailers and press. In the evenings we wondered the balmy streets, admiring the architecture and seeking spaghetti and wine.

Back to London, catch our breaths and then it's on to packing the car ready for Paris...which breaks down 10 minutes after leaving Rebecca's house. Her brother Joel came to the rescue and by 12am we find ourselves in his BMW racing towards Dover to catch the 4am ferry. 1.5 hours sleep later and it's on to Playtime Paris to set up our stand.

The moral of the story is that trade shows are always going to involve hauling stuff about, a lack of sleep, paying to much for coffee and something not going according to plan. However this is always going to be balanced with being so happy that we get to introduce Forivor's bedding and Nightwear to new faces and potential stockists and be in beautiful cities. Every story has a happy ending.

Introducing the Forivor Nightwear Collection

We are really excited to introduce our Enchanted Forest Nightwear Collection to you all. Like our bedding, it's made from extremely soft rain-fed organic cotton and has a magical quality to it. Featuring repeat prints from the original artwork and picking up on details, such as the collars and ruffles of the animals in Forivorland, it offers a playful twist on classic pyjama styles.

We thought of a child's imagination and curiosity when we were designing them, so the jumpsuits and Never Ending Forest Jersey Pyjamas are about children having adventures and exploring, as well as going to sleep in. The Forivorland Nightdress has one foot in a faraway past, but modern silhouettes and details give the collection a fresh feeling.

Head over to our Shop page to see the full collection and get an exclusive early bird price for delivery in July 2017, worth the wait we say!

Lights, camera, action and sweet dreams

We've been secretly working away on a special collection of Nightwear for children these past few months, ready to launch at Playtime Paris. When we first received our samples of organic bedding, we thought about how wonderful it would be to create a range of sleep and loungewear that could bring a feeling of timeless magic, luxurious softness with a modern twist to children's Nightwear.

We called on our wonderful friend, collaborator and amazing photographer Eleanor Church, aka @larkrisepictures to shoot our new collection. The models were our official office mascot Remie and my niece Myla. We'd be lying if we said we weren't biased, but we do think they've done an amazing job at looking ever so adorable and bringing out the best in our Forivor Nightwear.








Bonjour et Au revoir Playtime Paris

1st February 2017

We are back from our first Playtime Paris and feeling exhausted but really happy with the lovely and positive reactions we got from visitors to our stall. We managed to drive with 4 of us in the car, a bed for the display, all of our Forivor products, luggage and a good flask. 

We took the flask with us so we could fill it up with tea to keep us going. I learnt the following.... Rebecca can drive really well, for a really long time without a break (and with limited sleep), while navigating her way round Paris and making sure Remie was okay in the back of the car...there are some amazing children's brands out there with wonderful, creative and supportive people behind them and having some good snacks on hand is really important if you want to be able to string a sentence together that makes sense by day 2.

It really doesn't get boring hearing people saying lovely things about your brand and having the opportunity to meet retailers, buyers and press from around the world was incredible. I fell in love with Paris all over again and we can't wait to come back again. 


We're off to Paris!

Forivor is setting off across the channel to show our Enchanted Forest Collection in Paris. We can't wait to get there but for now we have a busy month ahead getting everything ready, especially some exciting new products!

Advent Story: Day 24

The Sign Swifts are drawing the shape of a giant present with a bow on top as they descend towards the old Forivorland tree each carrying an individually wrapped present in their beaks. Remi the Paradise bird bursts out of the top of the shape and trails a display like fireworks behind him. He is happy to be home.

Carrying Coco and Grey on his back, Federico appears out of the inky black sky behind the birds. Their Forivorland friends cheer the arrival of their friends who are bringing presents and food for the Christmas festivities tomorrow. Grey looks on in wonder at the magical, colourful world he has been brought to as a glowworm lamp is placed in his hand. “This is yours, Enjoy” says Arlo the Owl.

The badgers, rabbits and foxes quickly begin unpacking all the food for the feasting and as all the animals descend into the underground burrows they know this is going to be a very special christmas. 


Advent Story: Day 23

Looking on forlornly as the Forivorland creatures prepare to leave, Grey thinks about all the fun he has had on his adventure with his new friends. 

Coco sees the sad look on his face and whispers in Federico’s ear, who snorts his nostrils and stamps his foot before slowly starting to nod his head in agreement.Coco signals to the Sign Swifts who flutter around and start plucking presents out of the large bags until they are carrying one each. Coco pats Federicos back and calls to Grey “We’ve got room for one more! Fancy a visit to Forivorland for Christmas?”. 

Grey is so excited he can barely contain himself and in response to her question clumsily leaps onto Federico’s back with his large feet. 

They are ready to take off.

Advent Story: Day 22

The animals are all hurrying around collecting Christmas presents into big bags while Coco crosses them off her long list. As well as the presents they have found Christmas cake, hunks of bread and cheese. There are even some unfrosted marshmallows that have been left by a recently put out fire. They have everything on Coco’s list except mince pies.

Federico who was taking a nap after all the drama of the day wakes to see the bags fit to bursting and looking very heavy. Grumpily he stamps his foot and says they have to leave at once - with heavy bags like that it will take twice as long to get back. Coco looks at him and pleads “But mince pies are the badgers favourite - just 5 more minutes”

With the bags loaded on his back Federico is impatiently flapping his wings when Remi excitedly starts dancing around a small basket hanging in a Holly tree. They have mince pies!

Advent Story: Day 21

Federico, Coco and Grey swoop into the Little Valley with the Sign Swifts and Remi Paradise bird flying in happy shapes around them as they descend.

The Sign Swifts excitedly point out lots of the presents they need below, ’Look, there’s an old clock, King Mole will love that….and look, there’s some lovely material, we can make the a new hammock for the mice with that’. 

They all land in the valley and gasp in wonder as they look around. They usually travel all the way to Celesteland in search of presents and food, but this quiet and peaceful valley is just as special. Everywhere they look there are treasures to be found - they might not be new but with a little bit of polishing they’ll be perfect.

Coco gives each animal a list of gifts and food to find and they get to work.